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State to start enforcing new left lane law this week


Starting this week, police in Minnesota will start enforcing the state’s updated “Slow Poke” law.

Beginning on August 1, Minnesota drivers traveling in the left lane who are blocking faster traffic to the point that they are creating a road hazard must move to the right lane as soon as it is safe to do so or risk being pulled over and ticketed.

The fine for violating the left lane law is $50 but also comes with $75 worth of surcharges, bringing to total to $125.

Authorities warn that the left lane law does not give drivers permission to exceed the speed limit, no matter what lane they are traveling in.

The Minnesota State Patrol shared a list of need to know facts about the updated left lane law in a Facebook post.

What do you need to know about the Left Lane Law? 
☑️ If you are driving in the left lane and someone comes up from behind you, move over when practicable. 
☑️ If you need to pass someone, do so in the left lane – but then get back in the right lane as soon as you’re clear. Doing so is a good way to prevent road rage. 
☑️ Keeping the left lane clear for those who are passing will make the road safer and life easier for all drivers on the road.
☑️ Nothing in the law allows drivers to speed.
☑️ The law includes a $50 fine, but it’s the same fine that was previously in place.
☑️ Traffic moves most efficiently when everyone is traveling at about the same speed, which cannot be above the posted limit or faster than conditions might allow.

While the Left-Lane Law has been around for years, the version that goes into effect Thursday has been modernized to…

Posted by Minnesota State Patrol on Monday, July 29, 2019

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