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The app every trucker should have


The team here at CDLLife has made some major updates to our new app to make it even easier and more fun for truckers to use!

Since the (completely free!) CDLLife app debuted just a few short months ago, the community has already grown to more than 40,000 users who are enjoying features like easy route planning, in-app access to the trucking news and entertainment, and community features that make it simple to connect with other drivers.

But what’s good can always get even better, so we’ve been hard at work perfecting and refining the CDLLife app to make sure that you have the ultimate multi-use trucking tool at your fingertips.

Here are some of the updates we’ve been working on to enhance user experience on the CDLLife app:

Truck Optimized Routing: We’ve made updates to our GPS and routing technology to ensure that you can navigate safely to your destination using the most truck-friendly route.

Truck Profiles: We’ve also made updates to our GPS and routing technology that will you to select between default options of bobtail or loaded or to create and save your own custom truck profiles with specifi restrictions and dimensions.

Updated Interface: We’ve made some serious changes to the CDLLife app to make it more intuitive and simple to use.

Weather: One of our handiest app updates means that you can now view weather conditions along your route. You have the option to toggle this feature on and off.

Block Users: In an community — online or otherwise — you probably won’t get along with everybody. That’s why we are now give you an option to block people who just aren’t your cup of tea.

Hide Posts: If someone posts something you don’t want to run across again, you can now hide the the post but still see other comments and posts from that person.

GIFs replies in comments: We get it — sometimes a GIF is worth a thousand words. That’s why we’ve updated our app to allow you to respond to comments and posts with a GIF of your choice.

Photos replies in comments: Another update that we’ve made allows you to respond to a post or a comment using a photo from your phone.

Bug Fixes: We’ve made several bug fixes including solutions for duplicate comments, stuck screens, non-functioning back buttons (Android), and more.

If you’ve already downloaded the CDLLife app, all you have to do to enjoy these exciting upgrades is to make sure that you’ve updated to the newest version. And if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free and you can use the buttons below!


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