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The surprising rise of female trucking celebrities


It used to be almost unheard of to see a woman behind the wheel of a big rig, but today, all you have to do to see a woman driving a truck is to open the YouTube app on your phone.

In the past few years, a growing number of female truckers have seized social media platforms to give their audience a glimpse into what their lives are like on the road. Viewers may initially come for the novelty of seeing a woman behind the wheel of an 80,000 pound truck, but they stay because the women are offering solid trucking advice and creating community for their followers.

Brittney Richardson

One of the top female trucking social media celebrities is Brittney Richardson, who runs the American Truckers YouTube channel, which has over 31,000 subscribers. Many of Richardson’s videos give readers a closer look at how she faces the challenges of life on the road — weather emergencies, mechanical problems, traffic stops, and cooking on the truck. Richardson drives a distinctive bright pink Volvo, making it easy for her followers to spot her out on the road.

You can also follow Richardson on her other social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @BrittneyinPink. You can also check out Richardson’s non-trucking YouTube page that focuses on motivation and entrepreneurship.

Pinkie Dabney

Another YouTuber gaining followers is truck driver and content creator Pinkie Dabney, who operates the Youtube channel Keeping it 100 Experiences. Dabney has about 33,000 subscribers and her channel focuses on providing useful trucking tips, motivational messages, and even fitness advice.

Check out an intro video to Dabney’s channel below.

Eliante and Kayla

Female team truckers Eliante and Kayla also operate a successful YouTube channel that has 54,000 subscribers. The two women create content about their lives on the road, but they also focus on their relationship.

Check out one of their most-viewed videos below.

Angelica Larsson

Swedish truck driver Angelica Larsson may be new to the YouTube game (she’s only been creating content for her YouTube channel for a few weeks), but she has already amassed more than 22,000 subscribers in that short time thanks to her previous social media stardom. She has nearly 150,000 subscribers to her Instagram account and has been named the World’s Most Beautiful Truck Driver. Larrson’s videos focus on her day-to-day trucking life.

You can check out one of her most viewed YouTube videos below.


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