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Here are the 10 cities where truckers have the longest wait times


In a perfect world, a truck driver’s shipment would be loaded or unloaded as soon as they reached their destination. In the real world, however, truckers are forced to sit and wait after reaching their destinations, sometimes for hours, due to inefficiencies at warehouses and distribution centers.

A recent report by Business Insider, highlighted the long wait times for truckers around the country. According to the report, in 2018 truckers spent an average of 2.5 hours waiting to be loaded or unloaded.

Business Insider used data from the trucking analytics tool FreightWaves SONAR to track the 10 cities with the highest weight times for truckers. Here are the top 10 wait times for truckers according to their data:

10. Laredo, Texas

Average wait time: 212 minutes

9. Fort Wayne, Indiana

Average wait time: 223 minutes

8. Little Rock, Arkansas

Average wait time: 230 minutes

7. Duluth, Minnesota

Average wait time: 231 minutes

6. Shreveport, Lousiana

Average wait time: 237 minutes

5. El Paso, Texas

Average wait time: 253 minutes

4. South Bend, Indiana

Average wait time: 267 minutes

3. Rochester, New York

Average wait time: 279 minutes

2. Erie, Pennsylvania

Average wait time: 323 minutes

1. Fresno, California

Average wait time: 331 minutes


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