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This week on the CDLLife App – September 13, 2019


If you’re not using the CDLLife App, here’s what you missed this week

What do drivers do when they have free time while waiting to load, unload, or on their 34? Chances are, they’re on the CDLLife App!

With all the sitting and waiting drivers have to do, finding an outlet for community and entertainment can be a great escape from reality.

Favorite Posts This Week

One post from Friday had us cracking up! CDLLife App user MiMi and Bonez posted a game to the feed. Her rules were as follows:

  1. Google your CDLLife Name
  2. Put “Glamour Shot” after your name…
  3. Post a picture of the result below

And hilarity ensued. The post garnered 258 hysterical responses. We read this post, crying-laughing! Here’s a sampling. To see the full thread, you’ll have to download the app.

Click here to download the CDLLife app for free and join the conversation.

But it’s not all fun and games on the app, it’s also a tight-knit, supportive community. It’s a place drivers can connect, seek advice, offer support and make new friends.

The community is so tight-knit that every week, drivers from the app are meeting up and having meals together.

Upcoming Features

We’re constantly working on improvements to the CDLLife App. A lot of you have taken the time to offer your suggestions, and we’ve listened. The following features are planned for an upcoming app update:

  1. Night Mode for Navigation
  2. Navigation to avoid tolls
  3. The ability to clear notifications
  4. The ability to share more than one photo at a time

In addition, we’ll also be introducing a Leaderboard. The top users from each week will receive a badge and will be featured as prominent community members. Leaderboard users are determined by amount of time spent in the app, interacting, posting, using the navigation, leaving reviews, etc.

Each week, users will have a chance to move up the Leaderboard.

Familiar Face

Starting next month, you’ll be seeing weekly videos from a familiar face on the app, so make sure you subscribe to CDLLife’s YouTube channel — you won’t want to miss this!

We’ll be making the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on the app soon, so make sure to check back often.

Notable App Features

If you’re new to the app, or you haven’t spent a lot of time in the app’s navigation feature, you may be missing out on a really cool feature.

Did you know that when you use the navigation feature and select your destination, you can also easily search for restaurants and hotels nearby?

All you have to do is select your destination, and then scroll to the bottom and you’ll see “Places Nearby.” You can toggle between restaurants and hotels.

What’s your favorite feature of the CDLLife App?

Click here to download the CDLLife app for free and join the community!


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