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Tow truck driver faces murder charge for shooting suspected truck thief


A tow truck driver is facing homicide charges for shooting and killing a man suspected of stealing his truck.

On January 3, Marion County prosecutors filed a homicide change against thirty-two year old tow truck driver Steven Roe for his role in the shooting death of 35-year old Steven Wooden.

The shooting took place around 8:30 a.m. on December 31 in Indianapolis, Indiana, according to Fox 59.

Roe told police that he and a friend were driving around Indianapolis, looking for Roe’s yellow Ford flatbed tow truck that had been stolen days before.

Roe reportedly spotted his stolen truck at Miller and Hiatt Streets with Wooden sitting inside. Roe then exited the vehicle to yell at Wooden, “Hey, that’s my truck!”

At some point, Roe says that Wooden lifted his hands up. When he did, Roe said that he responded by opening fire multiple times.

Wooden was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Roe stayed at the scene of the shooting until police arrived. When officers arrived on the scene, they saw that the back, front, and driver’s side window of the tow truck were all shot out. When saw that Roe was armed, they asked who was the shooter. Roe replied, “I am.” He was later arrested.

Tow truck driver arrested

Roe does have a valid permit for the weapon he shot Wooden with.

Roe later told investigators that he opened fire because he believed that Wooden was armed. Police say that Wooden was not armed at the time of the fatal shooting.

When Roe appeared in court on Friday, December 4, he pled not guilty to the murder charge. He is due back in court on February 15.


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