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Trucker Grills Clueless Presidential Hopeful Over FMCSA Regulations in Video


A Democratic presidential candidate was cornered at the Iowa State Fair by a trucker who wanted very specific answers to his questions about trucking regulations.

Last week at the Iowa State Fair, CSPAN cameras were rolling as candidate John Delaney addressed a crowd and took questions from voters.

Truck driver Jeremy Walters begins the conversation (interrogation?) by asking Delaney is he’s familiar with trucking regulations. When Delaney says he is, Walters launches into a series of detailed questions on ELDs, driver pay, Hours of Service regulations, and whether FMCSA leadership should be required to hold a CDL.

Throughout the exchange, a visibly uncomfortable Delaney tries his best to respond to the questions but is forced to admit that he doesn’t have enough specific information to provide full answers.

The exchange between Delaney and Walters begins at the 29 minute mark.


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