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Trucker says tornado slammed him like a soda can


A semi truck driver is lucky to be alive after a violent and deadly tornado reportedly blew part of a house underneath his trailer in Missouri last night.

Late on Wednesday, May 22, truck driver David Bell was hauling a load of 44,500 pounds of soda cans on Highway 54 in Jefferson City, Missouri, when he saw an unexpected weather alert on his phone, according to a KDVR report.

With nowhere to shelter, Bell pulled off on the shoulder of the highway and braced himself as he was hit “head on” by a tornado.

“I don’t even know how to explain it. I watched a bunch of transformers blown. Houses next to me completely obliterated. A house halfway underneath my trailer,” Bell said.

The tornado “exploded” Bell’s windshield and then he said it “picked me up and slammed me down like I was nothing but a soda can.”

After the tornado had finished with his his semi truck, Bell was forced to use a pocket knife to cut himself out of his seatbelt. He escaped from truck through the broken windshield with only a few cuts and bruises — as well as a great feeling of gratitude to have survived.

“It definitely gave me a new outlook on life. Very grateful that I’m alive. I should have been smarter and heeded the warnings. I’m just glad God was with me tonight,” Bell said.

The tornado outbreak claimed the lives of three people in Missouri.

You can see Bell’s interview with CNN in the video below.


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