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Trucking Company Lets Drivers Choose the Highest Pay Rate

Trucking Company Lets Drivers Choose the Highest Pay Rate

A global trucking company has created a new and innovative pay program to ensure their Flatbed Specialized, Van Pad Wrap and Regional company drivers make the most out of every load.

Anderson Trucking Service, known as ATS, has come up with the new pay program called Upside Pay. The program will allow their company drivers to see what they could earn if they were to run per mile, and then they compare this number to the percentage of the load. The driver will then automatically earn the higher wages. This way, truckers driving for ATS can make the most money possible for each and every one of their runs.

CEO Rollie Anderson stated that the statistics so far show that their company drivers are averaging 65 cents per mile with the Upside Pay Program, which is well above the national average.

As the shipping rates increase, drivers’ payout will also increase. Alternatively, drivers can earn higher than average pay per mile – given that it’s the higher of the two amounts.

“Basically, when they make more money on a load, I make more money on a load,” says an ATS truck driver who is currently enrolled in the program.

Director of operations at ATS, Angela, had this to say, “ATS is committed to helping our drivers achieve their professional, financial, and personal goals. Upside Pay is an innovative example of how we are honoring that commitment to our drivers.”

If you have your CDL and are on the hunt for a new job, or if you’re casually curious and would like to learn more about Anderson Trucking Service’s available positions, click here to apply now or give them a call at (833) 387-6577.


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