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Trucking company shares inspiring owner-operator success story


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As professional drivers begin their careers Over the Road, they often dream of a better life for themselves, their family, and an opportunity to serve our great nation by delivering the products that truly keep our country running.

However, most don’t count on grossing $340,000 during their first year as an Owner Operator. And most certainly not after just 2 years of driving experience prior. But that’s exactly what Carrier One Owner Operator John J. has done.

The Arkansas native began his driving career after a very interesting backstory that includes work as a teacher and owning his own construction business. His first job out of driving school was at an Arkansas based flatbed company who trains new drivers. “I knew that once I had a couple of years under my belt, I shouldn’t have any issues finding a good place to call home once I decided to take the leap and run my own flatbed business – which was my goal from the beginning.”

His plan paid off and after exactly 2 years, he made the switch to Carrier One in late November 2017.

During his first year at the carrier, he grossed a whopping $340,000 in revenue. “I would like to say I was surprised,” said John. “But I knew pretty early on that if I worked with my Fleet Manager, ran hard, and focused on the keys to owning a successful business of any kind, that the sky was the limit.” Boy did he ever prove himself correct, while dropping more than a few jaws around drivers he meets out on the road when asked about his experience at Carrier One.

Circling back to those keys to business success. . . he says the major keys to his success as an Owner Operator at Carrier One are quite simple. “Work smart,” he says in a matter of fact tone. “Working smart means not getting in a hurry and doing a lot of planning upfront.” He went on to explain that after accepting a load, he meticulously plans the route he’ll take, where he’ll get fuel, and the entire trip in general to ensure he’s well prepared for the remainder of his week. Another important element to his success, a positive outlook. “My dad had a saying that has always stuck with me . . . ‘the way you carry yourself is the way you’ll be judged.’ He says he holds himself to that standard both personally and professionally and strives for excellence in all he does.

In speaking to John’s Fleet Manager, Graylin, about his incredible 1st year success he said, “You know he’s just one of those special Owner Operators that has a knack for business, doesn’t mind hard work, and he trusts me. That part is huge.”

Echoing his Fleet Managers thoughts, Carrier One’s Recruiting and Retention Director Lane Williams commented on John’s first year behind the wheel at Carrier One, saying “Carrier One is honored to have Owner Operators like John on our team, and we’re so happy to be able both acknowledge their achievements and financially reward them, even beyond weekly settlements.”

Williams is referring to Carrier One’s unique longevity bonus payout. For John, that meant a recent bonus check in the amount of .5% of his first year in gross revenue, which was presented to him on his 1-year anniversary. “We were able to give him a bonus check in the amount of $1,700 for that huge gross revenue number he generated”

Carrier One’s longevity program goes from .5% for year 1 and extends all the way up to 2% for drivers with 4 years or more of longevity.

As for John, his vision of the future is more of the same. “There’s no stopping me now, this is what true financial and business ownership success is all about.” Bravo, John!

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