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Veteran double amputee is defying the odds to fulfill trucking dream


A Tennessee man who lost both legs while serving overseas is proving naysayers wrong as he works to earn his CDL and enter the trucking industry.

Army veteran Erin Schaefer is currently hard at work obtaining his CDL at the Truck Driver Institute (TDI) in Christiana, Tennessee, according to a report from WKRN.

Schaefer lost both legs below the knee during a 2010 tour of Afghanistan when an IED exploded while he was part of a supply convoy.

Veteran Trucker

Following the double amputation, Schaefer says that he struggled with dark days and depression but that he has been reinvigorated by the idea of overcoming his disability and becoming a truck driver. “My dad was a trucker so that’s all I’ve known. I just love the open road, being out there with the truck. Just myself and my thoughts,” Schaefer said.

Schaefer is now hard at work at TDI overcoming the challenges of his disability to earn his CDL. Because of his prosthetic legs, he’ll only be able to drive an automatic, but  Schaefer’s instructors say that he is highly motivated and excelling behind the wheel.

Schaefer has a message for others with disabilities who are thinking about entering trucking: “Don’t let anybody tell you no. You can get out there and drive a truck. Whatever your handicap disabilities are, don’t let it limit you.”

For more on Schaefer’s journey into trucking, take a look at the video below.


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