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Woman seeks mystery trucker who helped her husband after blowover


A driver’s wife has reached out to the trucking community in hopes of finding the trucker who stopped to help her husband after a wind-related rollover crash in Illinois.

In a Facebook post shared on February 8, user Melissa Hougas asked for help finding the truck driver who stopped to help her husband after a terrifying truck blowover that nearly claimed his life.

She wrote:

Last night my husband was blown over by the wind on I-39 in Illinois. He was coming back from his delivery basically empty (about 1,000 pounds in the trailer) when the wind got him as he was getting to the top on am overpass. After he rolled, he ran into a guardrail which went through the windshield and into the trailer. Missing his head by 4 inches. He is lucky to be alive.

Many people went by without helping him as he was trapped in his truck. After about 5 minutes a fellow driver rolled up on the scene and stopped to helped him. With the chaos of first responders showing up and wanting to talk to my husband, the driver left before before he could get his name and thank him.

I’m hoping to find that man and Thank him for helping my husband when he could have been like everyone else and just continued to roll on. He’s a great man for stopping. I owe him my gratitude. If you are the one that stopped, please message me. Thank you so much.

Be safe out there, everyone.

Hougas’s post has been shared by members of the trucking community more than 5000 times.


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