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21 violations discovered during pickup’s mobile home move job


A pickup truck driver’s creative attempt to move a mobile home was halted when he was put out of service by law enforcement last week.

Last week, a questionable towing effort caught the eye of the Alberta Sheriff’s Department.

While patrolling near Grimshaw, the officer spotted Dodge Ram pickup truck transporting a mobile home to a new location.

The officer pulled the pickup driver over for an inspection.

After giving the towing setup a closer look, the officer discovered a total of 21 violations, including:

  • load not secured to trailer
  • no working brakes on the trailer
  • exceeding rated weight of tires by 3,000 kg
  • expired registration

The Alberta Sheriff’s Office also pointed out that “During the inspection, the officer also noted that the trailer hitch had no locking mechanism – meaning the only thing keeping it attached to the vehicle was the sheer weight of the load on the trailer.”

The pickup driver was issued more than $3,800 in fines and ordered out of service.

Check out some more pictures below.

A similar pickup mobile home move job was recently caught on video in Oklahoma.


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