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5 must-see trucking movies to add to your watch list


The stories of truck drivers and their semis have been incorporated into entertainment movies for decades. Whether it’s the intriguing plotline of a driver’s life on the road or a decked out rig, elements trucking are scattered throughout new and old films.

Seeing a big rig on the big screen makes movie night a little more meaningful for any driver who’s dedicated to the lifestyle. Check out our list of must-see movies ranging from old classics to new thrillers- all featuring a semi-truck storyline.

Joy Ride

This mystery thriller, starring Paul Walker, follows three college friends as they embark on a cross country road trip. They quickly realize they are in serious danger after pranking a trucker on their CB radio. The psychotic trucker, known as ‘Rusty Nail’ pursues them in an effort to enact revenge.

Black Dog

This action film stars Patrick Swayze as an ex-con who tries to start his life over as a truck driver. When his family is taken hostage he is manipulated into transporting a shipment of illegal weapons.


A classic trucking movie, Convoy, was released at the peak of the CB radio fad in the 1970s. This film follows a band of truckers as they form a mile long ‘convoy’ in response to a quarrel with a sheriff.

Maximum Overdrive

Written and directed by Stephen King, Maximum Overdrive is a comedy-horror film with a plot centered around murderous semi-trucks. When a radiation storm causes machines to come to life, a group of survivors in a North Carolina truck stop must learn how to fend for their lives.

Big Rig

This award-winning documentary portraits modern America through the eyes of long-haul truck drivers. Big Rig depicts life on the road for those that work to keep our country driving forward. This insightful documentary that will take you on a familiar road trip through the lifestyle and dedication of drivers.

Bonus: Cars

While this isn’t your typical ‘trucker’ movie, Cars is a family-friendly film with snippets of trucking incorporated throughout. Famous race-car, Lightning McQueen, accidentally damages the road of the small town Radiator Springs and is sentenced to repair it. While there, he learns important lessons from the locals.


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