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Arizona Adding More Truck Scanners


The Arizona Department of Transportation has announced they’re adding more scanners that screen moving trucks for weight and other information, including identifying trucks that have been damaged or are in need of repair.

“The technology includes weigh-in-motion sensors, cameras that are designed to read USDOT  numbers and license plates, and message signs. An additional feature at the Ehrenberg and San Simon ports of entry on I-10 also identifies commercial vehicles with tires that could be damaged or in need of repair,” ADOT states.

According to a press release from the Arizona Department of Transportation, the system is being used at some rest areas including McGuierville on I-17, Sacaton on I-10 and Canoa Ranch on I-19.

Now the technology will be added to ADOT’s commercial ports of entry on I-10, I-40 and State Route 95.

“This truck screening system will allow our officers to focus on the commercial vehicles that need our officers’ attention,” said Jeff Stanhope, deputy director for ADOT’s Enforcement and Compliance Division. “It helps us make better use of our resources and efforts while allowing trucks in compliance to go on their way.”

As trucks approach the ports of entry, a sign directs the driver into the right lane. When the truck is a mile from the port, the weigh-in-motion sensors and cameras capture the truck’s information.

The computer check the truck’s information in the national and state’s databases. If the truck is cleared, the driver will be directed to bypass the port.


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