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Beacon Transport Increases Starting Pay 3CPM to Start the New Year


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LA VERGNE, TENNESSEE – Leadership at Beacon Transport has decided the perfect way to  celebrate their 20th anniversary and start a new year is by raising starting pay for incoming  drivers by 3CPM effective January 1, 2021. 

“We’ve truly been blessed these past 20 years and there’s no doubt the success of our  company is based on the consistent and committed work of our drivers,” said Stan Pritchett,  Chief Manager and co-founder.  

Founded in 2000 just outside Nashville, TN, Beacon Transport specializes in hauling in non hazardous dry freight throughout the Southeast and Midwest and is seeking professional  drivers that truly are looking to maximize their weekly miles driven. 

“For years drivers have known that Beacon is a place with fantastic equipment and a place  where you can actually get the miles you want,” said Lisa Milom, Senior Operations Director.  “But an increase to our base pay has been something our drivers have needed and deserved and I’m thrilled that we are starting off a new year with this great announcement.” 

Support from Beacon’s customer base is what ultimately led to what is one of the largest pay  increases in the company’s 20 year history that will now put all new drivers starting at 50 cents  per mile or above. 

“There’s been so much talk of capacity the past 6 months and as we look to 2021 it seems most  people believe capacity is going to stay tight,” said David Burns, Vice-President of Sales and co founder. “I just want to thank our customers who have given us the confidence and resources  to make sure we are able attract the high-caliber professional drivers needed to service them.” 

Beacon Transport requires 2 years of CDL-A experience and holds weekly orientation classes for  drivers interested in joining the company. Applications can be submitted at  www.BeaconTransport.net.

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