Colorado cops set up CMV sting for truckers who avoid state port

This week, local police in Colorado ticketed several truckers and placed several vehicles out of service during a “portable point of entry” enforcement effort.

The enforcement operation took place in Fort Collins on October 6.

The Fort Collins Police Department says that a “portable port of entry was set up on Timberline Road at Nancy Gray” and that the location was chosen “because a high volume of trucks use Timberline for deliveries within the city, and commercial vehicles have been known to use this route to avoid the I-25 state port.”

Police said that 85 trucks went through the portable checkpoint.

“There were 17 brake inspections, 5 of which resulted in vehicles being placed out of service for critical brake violations. There were 35 total commercial motor vehicle violations found during 16 Level 1 inspections. Officers also issued 21 citations to commercial motor vehicles which failed to seek the port, which is required by law,” police said.

Commercial vehicle safety is a critical part of traffic safety, especially when it comes to large trucks and vehicles…

Posted by Fort Collins Police Services on Wednesday, October 7, 2020