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Deceased truck driver went unnoticed at shipper


A truck driver was found deceased in his truck at a Hillsboro, Kansas company.

According to the Hillsboro Star-Journal, the truck driver, Joseph Gruba, was found at the Barkman Honey parking lot on August 5, 2020 at approximately 11:45 am.

Hillsboro police chief Dan Kinning told the Star-Journal that Gruba was scheduled to be at Berkman Honey on the morning of August 4.

Gruba made it to his appointment and began to stage his truck. Authorities believe he was backing up when he suffered a heart attack.

“We could tell by his tracks,” Kinning said. “Luckily, he was between gears in neutral when he died. If he was in gear and the brakes weren’t set, that thing would have just rolled until it hit something.”

Gruba sat in his truck, unnoticed, until the next day.

“Nobody thought twice about it really,” he said. “It’s just a truck sitting there in a lot full of trucks.

By the time Gruba was discovered, it was too late. He was declared deceased at the scene.


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