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Driver warns of the importance of the ‘move-over’ law after near-death experience


A truck driver suffered minor injuries over the weekend after a semi truck hauling an oversized load didn’t observe the ‘move-over’ rule. 

The driver, a CDLLife App user who goes by the name of ‘Brandon DaTrucka,’ was pulled over onto the right shoulder after a motorist lost their load, leaving debris scattered across the highway. 

“There was a hazard in my lane so I pulled over for less than 5 minutes to save someone’s life because traffic was moving at 80 mph+. The guy and I retrieved the items that [were] lost over the road,” he wrote.

According to Brandon, he put on his hazards and stopped to help the motorist gather the lost load. After the two finished, Brandon was standing by his driver’s side door “hand signaling to traffic to move over” when the oversized semi truck failed to move into the left lane, striking the back of Brandon’s rig. Luckily, Brandon realized what was happening and was able to hop inside his truck before impact, likely saving his life. 

“The left lane was totally empty. He wasn’t paying attention. Everyone else moved over except him,” Brandon wrote.

Brandon says the incident left him with “a lot of back, shoulder, and hip pain,” but that he is alive and is looking forward to going home so he can spend some time with his newborn child.

The post led many App users to empathize, saying they have experienced similar issues with drivers ignoring the ‘move-over’ rule. Still, others say it was not the driver’s place to stop and help the motorist in the first place. 

Bottom line: if you see someone pulled over on the side of the road, no matter the reason, please do the safe thing and move over. 


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