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Looking for the best new load binders? Durabilt can help.


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A Chicago-based company continues to make life easier for truck drivers by providing highly-innovative, heavy-duty load binder solutions.

The Durabilt by Durbin product innovation team has been providing the American workforce with superior quality specialty binders for more than 80 years, and they continue to deliver game-changing new products.

Some of the most state-of-the-art new offerings include the (DPT) Pull-Tite Series, the DR-C+SLG ratchet binder that is housed within the (DR) Pro-Bind Specialty Series, the LDR-12-8+WS ratchet binder that is housed within the (LDR) Light Pro-Bind Specialty Series, the LASH-2-E-E (LASH) Contoured Eye Lashing Series, and the (DVT) Vice-Tite Ratchet Binder Series. 

The (DPT) Pull-Tite Series (seen below) borrowed the super smooth ratcheting and enclosed gear housing from our prior invented (DFX) Durafold Series. Unlike the folding and locking handle of the Durafold Series, the (DPT) Series simply offers a standard non-folding handle but with the benefit of the enclosed ratchet gear that is sealed off from snow, ice, mud, and the elements. This binder is perfect for all weather conditions and gets the job done with a 7,100 lb. work load limit.


The DR-C+SLG of the (DR) Pro-Bind Specialty Series, is great for quickly connecting to D-Rings in a multitude of situations. This D-Ring “Short Connect” Ratchet Binder has a 3/8″ grab hook & 1/2″ sling hook on one end and a 2 Ft. 3/8” G100 Chain & 1/2″ sling hook on the other end. It comprises a slightly beefy 8,800 lb. work load limit.


The LDR-12-8+WS of the (LDR) Light Pro-Bind Specialty Series, is designed with a ½” grab hook on one end and a ½” inch grab hook mounted to a compression spring on the other end. The compression spring can be a life saver in many “Shock Load” situations, often causing binder hooks that are of perfect quality to break.


The LASH-2-E-E (LASH) Contoured Eye Lashing Series, is one of Durabilt’s most recent novel enhancements. This binder is designed for Super Loads, boasting a 28,000 lb. work load limit. Traditionally, this type of ratchet binder comes with the “Cake Eye Bolts” or thick, square edged eye bolts that appeal to the compactor market. In giving this heavy duty binder the equally as strong yet thinner contoured eye bolts, it can now be used for higher grade and work load limit applications within the lashing field of work. Additionally, the thinner contoured eye bolts offer a wide range of end fitting attachments, catering to even more diverse solutions. 


Lastly, the (DVT) Vice-Tight Series stems from Durabilt by Durbin’s, Durbin Durco heritage. An original Durbin Durco design with a handle allowing for ultra-fast tightening. This solid steel handle goes as fast as you can rotate it, in both directions. The (DVT) Series comes in 3 models: a 3/8” grab hook model, a jaw and jaw model, and a model with a ½” grab hook on one end and a 1/2” slip hook on the other end. The solid steel handle is certified to not bend up to 500 lbs. of force. 


Durabilt by Durbin continues to provide innovative new load binder solutions for truck drivers. If you have a binder need that is not being provided by the industry, give us a call and see if our development professionals can make your solution idea a reality. Call 708-223-0258 or shoot us an email now at [email protected].

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