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Florida troopers DO have marked semis and they ABSOLUTELY use them for traffic enforcement


Photos of marked Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) big rig has often makes the rounds on social media — here’s why they have them and how they use them.

Orlando news outlet News 6 reported that the FHP has been flooded with questions from the public after a photo of a marked semi truck being used during a traffic stop resurfaced online.

FHP Big Rig

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles responded to the hubbub on their social media pages by featuring a marked FHP big rig performing a CMV traffic stop.

CDLLife reached out to FHP Lieutenant Derrick A. Rahming Sr. for more on the marked trucks — and we were surprised to learn that there is more than one.

Rahming told CDLLife that “FHP’s Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE) has 3 marked semi-trucks. The semi-trucks are used in various capacities, including traffic enforcement details.”

“A sworn trooper with the required endorsement observes commercial motor vehicle operators driving aggressively, driving in the left lane, using a cellular device, following to close, not wearing a seatbelt, and other various traffic violations of federal regulations and Florida law … The semi-truck driver will observe a violation and radio to CVE Troopers that are working on the detail. The CVE Trooper will stop the vehicle and take the appropriate enforcement action which may include a vehicle inspection. These semi-trucks are properly equipped to initiate a traffic stop; however, they are used primarily for spotting. The semi-trucks are also used to pull our “No-Zone” demonstration trailer used for local outreach and driver education to promote safe driving around commercial motor vehicles,” he continued.

FHP has been using marked semi trucks in enforcement activities since 2014.

Florida isn’t the only state with marked trooper trucks. The Tennessee State Patrol has had their own custom Peterbilt for several years. They use it both as an education tool and in their enforcement efforts.

Tennessee Troopers Big Rig

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