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Georgia police using laser technology to nab tailgating truckers


The Georgia Department of Public safety said in a Facebook post that they used laser technology to nab a tailgating trucker.

“Yesterday, Region 6 conducted a Stop the Threat Detail on I-75 in Houston County. MCO Kennedy caught this CMV driver .3 seconds from the rear of the passenger car. This picture was taken from a TruVison LIDAR, which all MCCD Officers are issued. Slow down and leave space, it could save a life. #gamccd,” the Facebook post states.


From the image, you can see that the car was traveling at 69 mph and the truck was traveling at 70 mph. What the LIDAR doesn’t show is how long the truck was behind the car, or if the car moved into the truck’s lane — the LIDAR image doesn’t tell the whole story.

Truck drivers on the Trucker Feed Facebook page were split on who was at fault.

“How long was he there..did the car pull in that close on him… looks like only a partial story being told here,” James C. commented.

“How do you know the 4 wheeler wasn’t brake checking him, common practice these days…!!!” Dean F. wrote.

“I just hope they tossed out his license for that,” Stewart V. commentd.

“Looks like the truck was following the “no trucks left lane” and the 4 wheeler wasn’t following the “slower traffic keep right” signs,” Tyler H. commented.


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