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Here’s a reminder on the importance of proper load securement


A CDLLife App member posted a photo of a gnarly wreck that serves as a reminder of the importance of headache racks and proper load securement. 

App member Mike S. posted the series of photos on Sunday, November 22nd with the caption “NOT MY LOAD…”

In the pictures, the big rig’s load of lumber has clearly pierced the cab; missing the driver’s seat, and presumably the driver, by an incredibly small margin. 

According to App members in the comment section, several drivers passed by this wreck in Atlanta last week. They say the driver in question was coming off of Interstate 285 and onto Interstate 85 north when the wreck occurred. 

Many app members pointed out that the load seems to be mysteriously lacking in straps; while others engaged in a friendly debate over whether or not there was a headache rack installed on the rig at the time of the wreck. 

Luckily, it seems as if the driver made it out okay. Stay safe out there, drivers! And don’t forget to check your load.


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