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Husband and wife team talk about trucking while ill with COVID-19 in new report


A married team trucker duo talks about the challenges they faced after contracting Coronavirus while on the road in a new PBS segment.

Kansas City-based drivers Chante and Ron Drew were recently featured on PBS News Hour in a segment entitled “This truck-driving couple’s Brief But Spectacular take on surviving COVID-19.”

The Drews mainly transport grocery items like produce and meat, so their services were desperately needed during the beginning of the pandemic, when grocery store shelves went bare in many areas.

However, Ron started suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 while on the road in Phoenix. Ron later tested positive. He said that he dropped 30 pounds and felt “horrible,” with fatigue so intense that he struggled to get out of bed.

Chante also experienced some symptoms of Coronavirus including extreme fatigue, but her test came back negative. Her medical team warned her of the possibility of a false negative.

The Drews were able to get their truck lease payments suspended while they recovered from the illness. They lost 22 days behind the wheel due to serious symptoms.

You can check out the PBS report below.


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