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If you park at this truck stop’s fuel island for too long, you might get booted and fined


Are you fed up with drivers parking at the fuel island for excessive periods of time? This truck stop is doing something about it.

Where you’re on a tight load and you’re up against the clock, every minute counts — that last thing you want to do is wait in line to fuel up while someone is sitting at the pump taking their 30 — that’s why many truck drivers are applauding Little America’s efforts to curb fuel island parkers.

This weekend CDLLife App user Jay S. posted about the truck stop’s new policy regarding trucks that are parked for too long at the fuel island.

“Stopped by Little America for a minute this morning. They’ve had enough as well. These will be put on your truck should you take a mind to camp in the fuel island. Cost ya $200 to have them removed. I love this country. I’m only hoping every truck stop in the country will follow suit. To all you lazy no parking sons of bitches…I hope you get booted,” Jay’s post states.

An overwhelming majority of CDLLife App users agreed.

The post was also shared on the Facebook group Trucker Feed. “They should make this mandatory at all truck stops,” the post states. The picture of the sign was posted on Sunday has been shared 130 times and has 130 comments.

The Facebook comments echo comments on the CDLLife App. Most are in support of the move to curb fuel island parkers.

“The best move anywhere. Fuel your truck, and get the hell away from the pump so other people can fuel. Inconsiderate shit rags,” Jim S. commented.

“They should have started that a long time ago,” wrote Keith P.

“About time,” James W. commented.

“Didn’t need signs like that 12-15 years ago. Truckers had enough respect for each other. Problem is mega carriers pumping out new drivers like their is no tomorrow. And most of the trainers haven’t been driving for then 3-4 years if that long,” Michael W. wrote.

Steven S. said that Little America is warning drivers about the new policy.

“Little America. Lady gave 3 warnings over the intercom yesterday. One got booted. They aren’t joking,” Steven commented.

“I think many are missing the point. Pulling through a pump and running in quick isn’t the real problem. It’s those that pull up to an open lane and park at the pump, lock their door and go inside for an “extended” amount of time,” Randy S. commented.

Not everyone agrees with Little America’s plan to boot trucks.

“If they boot the truck….Wouldn’t that just clog up the fuel island longer???” Colleen C. commented.

“Dumb move. The store makes more profit off the guy in buying junk food than they do off the guy fueling his truck,” JT H wrote.

“That’s dumb. Let’s just hold up the pumps longer,” Rob B. argued.

CDLLife reached out to the Wyoming Little America location. General Manager Spencer Riggs confirmed to CDLLife that the truck stop does intend to impose a new policy to discourage drivers from parking too long at the fuel island.

Riggs told CDLLife, “The intent is in no way to hurt people. To date, we have not booted or ticked any drivers. Our goal is to discourage people from parking too long at the fuel island an holding up the line for other drivers.”

“We don’t want to boot. This isn’t about finances. We’re in the business of serving drivers, and we want to continue to serve drivers. Keeping the fuel lanes open allows drivers to fuel quickly,” Riggs said.

“Hopefully the new policy will deter people from parking and taking their 30 minute break,” he concluded.

He did say that all measures will be taken to warn drivers before booting their trucks.


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