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It’s been five years since 193 vehicle pileup — one of the biggest in recent history

I-94 Pileup Report

This week marked the five year anniversary of an historic pileup crash that happened in Michigan that involved nearly 200 vehicles.

The infamous crash occurred during winter weather conditions on January 9, 2015, on I-94 near Galesburg, Michigan. In total, 76 semi trucks and 117 passenger vehicles collided, shutting down both directions of I-94 for 18 hours for the massive rescue and cleanup effort.

A Canadian truck driver lost his life in the crash. Eighteen other people were injured.

Though the crash was ultimately blamed on unsafe driving, with several drivers receiving citations, the Michigan Department of Transportation has made efforts to improve I-94 to prevent a crash like this from ever happening again. These improvements include resurfacing, more traffic cameras, and new weather information systems.

You can see stunning video of the pileup as it happened below.

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