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“It’s not fun,” says trucking company owner operating amidst calls to defund police


The owner of a Chicago-based trucking company says that recent calls to defund the police have wreaked havoc on the trucking industry.

Co-owner of JKC Trucking, Mike Kucharski says that operating in Chicago and beyond has been tough since the calls to defund the police began. All the highway ramps to the inner city are closed, and people and truck drivers alike are being attacked and robbed “and we still have a police force protecting us,” he said in a video interview with One America News Network.

“I can’t imagine delivering to a city that doesn’t have any police to rely on for my drivers, my driver’s safety. Truck driver morale is down… It’s not fun trying to operate a business in Chicago.”

In addition to the increased strain on his drivers, Kucharski is concerned that defunding of police will have a financial impact on JKC and many trucking companies across the nation. He says he currently has full cargo, and domestic protection coverage, but worries that “insurance is going to put some kind of language in there that will say I probably likely won’t be protected in those defunded cities,” pointing out that this may force him and other company owner to purchase additional riders, likely increasing the cost of insurance. 

“Defunding the police is a bad idea,” he continued. 

“Police are a critical part of defending our drivers. Defunding the police is not the solution. We have to work together with critical thinking to find a solution. During this time of crisis the government has been in the driver’s seat making decisions for small businesses – it’s time for small businesses to take back the steering wheel. It’s time for small businesses to make the right decisions and get the economy moving again.”

He continues: “I welcome the politicians to sit down with us so we can educate them about what’s best for the economy because small businesses are the backbone of America. We have to get this economy roaring again and I believe that it is time for small business owners to stand up, to say something.” 

When asked what advice he would offer to truck drivers and small trucking companies who aren’t sure what to do or how to voice their concerns, Kucharski responded by saying: “[I know] truck driver morale is down. I would tell drivers to hang in there.  It’ll probably get worse before it gets better but I pray for better days ahead. These drivers are an essential part of the economy. They need to be motivated and ready to go.”

“Our voices will only be heard together. It’s not time to be silent, it’s time to take action.”


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