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Man shot and killed for not rolling up truck’s window


A man is in custody after he shot and killed his coworker for allegedly refusing to roll up his window.

Adam Douglas Haywood, 27 years old, was riding in a moving truck with two coworkers during the incident.

He was returning to Phoenix, AZ from a job in Snowflake, AZ on July, 26 when a confrontation took place with one of the coworkers.

Haywood, who was sitting in the middle seat, got upset with Boukary Ouedraogo, who was sitting in the passenger seat. The window being down sparked a verbal argument that turned into a physical one.

Around 10 p.m. while on the U.S 60 in the area of Queen Valley, Haywood shot and killed Ouedraogo. Haywoods body was then pushed out of the open window according to the driver of the truck who has not been identified.

The driver stopped the truck to check if the victim was alive.

According to authorities, Haywood spoke about hiding the victim in bushes and that he knew someone who could help him dispose of the body. He also tried to bribe the driver by stating that he had $10,000.

Haywood tried to drive off in the moving truck, but the manual transmission prevented him from getting very far.

The driver and Haywood returned to the moving company’s office in Phoenix.

Haywood left the office in his own car while the driver alerted his boss and authorities.

Officers arrested Haywood at his home in Mesa, AZ for one count of second-degree murder. Haywood told authorities he shot Ouedraogo in self-defense because he was afraid the victim would choke him to death.


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