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Maryland’s iconic ‘Big Curve’ continues to baffle officials after recent wave of 36 crashes


Police and highway officials in Maryland have tried everything in their efforts to stop the wave of truck crashes taking place at a well-known area, dubbed the ‘Big Curve.’

The ‘Big Curve’ is located where the I-270 spur merges with the Capital Beltway and is notorious for causing truck drivers to lose control of their rigs. 

Maryland State Police recently announced that 36 commercial vehicles have crashed in the area since March 1. Despite the escalated number of crashes, no drivers have been killed. Officials are in a race against time to figure out the solution to these crashes.

Countless methods to slow down drivers have already been put into place, including signs, citations, and warnings. Officials are urging drivers to use caution and pay close attention while traveling on the ‘Big Curve.’

Highway workers have put up electronic signs warning truckers to slow down. State Police said they have issued 1,200 traffic tickets.

Officials are even looking into how the stretch of highway can be redesigned as a long term solution.

However, none of these have provided a permanent solution that can be quickly applied to fix the problem.

Officials say the decrease in traffic volume due to COVID-19 has increased the speed of drivers on the road. The recommended speed is 50 mph while on the ‘Big Curve,’ and it’s typically when drivers accelerate over this limit that accidents occur.

While speed is mostly to blame for the loss of control on the ‘Big Curve,’ Maryland is scrambling to find ways to implement more safety for their travelers.

Some of the crashes can be seen below.


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