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Midwest trucking company is taking 12 crucial steps to protect driver health


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An Indiana trucking company is overhauling nearly every aspect of their operation in order to prioritize and protect the health of their most important resource — their drivers.

In the face of the Coronavirus crisis, Anderson, Indiana-based trucking company Carter Express and sister company Carter Logistics recently announced that they would implement major new policy changes in order to protect drivers from infection.

Here are 12 major changes that the folks at Carter Express are taking to minimize risk for their drivers and other employees.

  1. The company is providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) — including face masks — for both current drivers and new drivers during orientation.
  2. Enhanced cleaning/sanitizing procedures have been put into place at all company locations.
  3. Carter Express has implemented social distancing concepts at all company locations.
  4. Drivers who are feeling sick are asked to stay home to rest.
  5. Those who develop COVID-19 symptoms or those who have been exposed to COVID-19 will be placed under a 14 day quarantine.
  6. Drivers will have access to a new Teledoc program to give them access to personalized medical treatment even if they’re on the road.
  7. All employees who are in a high risk category for complications from Coronavirus will be given special consideration and every effort will be made to protect their heath.
  8. Driver orientation has been reinvented to reduce the risk of infection. Changes include cutting orientation from 3 days to 2 days, remote orientation, sanitizing trucks before giving them to new drivers, and using electronic on-boarding, driver qualification and payroll forms. New drivers will also receive instruction on company policies designed to limit the spread of COVID-19.
  9. Drivers are following new delivery instructions at customer locations, including remaining in their tractor to reduce exposure.
  10. Office staff is working remotely when possible to reduce everyone’s risk of exposure.
  11. Drivers are encouraged to keep themselves safe by wearing PPE while fueling and by taking food with them in the truck, rather than purchasing food from truck stops or restaurants.
  12. Shaking hands has been eliminated at all Carter Express locations to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Carter Express was founded 37 years ago with just five trucks. They have grown to employ around 900 drivers and to operate more than 800 trucks. The company has terminals in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.

If you’re interested in joining a team that takes driver health seriously, you can click here to start the hiring process. Have questions about Carter Express’s driver heath initiatives? Feel free to call 877-628-6806 and ask away!

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