Missouri trucker shows off his ‘Arrowhead Pride’ with decked-out truck

This thing is a tailgate on wheels!


A Missouri-based truck driver is turning heads with his killer custom truck decked out in support of his favorite NFL team.

Sedalia, Missouri-resident Rob Hardwick turns heads in truck stops and on highways with an all-red truck nicknamed “Warpaint.”

Hardwick says that he embellished the truck to show support for his favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs, who are currently one of the last four teams left standing in the NFL playoff picture.

Hardwick told local news outlet KMBC that he gets a lot of attention for the truck, both on the CB radio and in person. He said, “I’ve had people follow me in the parking lot just so they could take pictures.”

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If the Chiefs win on Sunday and qualify for the Super Bowl, Hardwick says that he may have to take a drive down to Miami, where the big game is being held this year.

Check out some closer photos of the Chiefs truck below.

You can get a better look at Warpaint in KMBC’s video below.