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Motorhome towed down Kansas highway on makeshift trailer


A 38 foot motorhome was spotted being hauled in an unusual way down a Kansas highway.

A picture that showed the motorhome being pulled by an SUV with a trailer attached was posted to Central RV’s Facebook page last week.

The post was captioned “What in the HELL…!!! A V-6 suv pulling a 20-foot trailer pulling a 38 foot motorhome… And using the trailer as a car dolly for a motorhome…..!!! Only on exit 187 and Ottawa Kansas”

The driver appears to have been pulled over by authorities who were inspecting the vehicles.

Comments on the post showed concern about the setup of the trailer and motorhome.

“I don’t know how the rear bearings on the trailer even held up… There is easily 8000 pounds on that back axle”

“You know what everybody’s forgetting… The hitch weight is only recommended at 700 pounds on that Trailblazer… not only is a vertical force… But the horizontal Force when you’re taking off… And more so obviously when you’re trying to do a panic stop… Panic stop shouldn’t even be in this story scenario… Because the whole picture is a panic”

“You know what I think everybody’s forgetting… how in the hell did that Trailblazer stop over 28000 pounds of moving Mass going 60 miles an hour…. I bet those brakes were scorching” 


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