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‘Never leaving’ — Here’s why elite owner operators stay with this trucking company for decades


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One of the biggest names in the trucking industry houses a unique division of elite truck drivers who get to handle some truly fascinating freight.

Specialized Transportation became part of the CRST trucking family nearly a decade ago, and since then the company has become a long-term career destination for owner operators and lease purchase drivers due to the family atmosphere, high driver compensation, exciting day-to-day operations, and the small company feel.

One of the things that Specialized Transportation drivers consistently say that they love is providing white glove service to customers who are shipping some really interesting loads that aren’t at all what you associate with high-touch freight — think high end automobiles, life-saving medical equipment, motorcycles, and priceless works of art. Specialized Transportation requires a highly skilled driver who is comfortable with both interacting with the customer and with the responsibility of transporting high-dollar loads for TL and LTL clients. Drivers who fit these roles often wind up sticking around not just for years but for decades.

Time and again, Specialized Transportation drivers point to the supportive atmosphere within the division that helps them to succeed. The company works hard to foster a culture of respect and direct, honest communication and to make drivers feel like they’re part of a tight-knit team.

Henry is a current Contractor with Specialized. Henry was contracted with Specialized and then decided to go out on his own and get his own authority.

He said, “I got my authority MC and DOT ran the business for a year and a half. Decided to shut it all down and return to Specialized. I am generating more revenue and enjoying quality time at home with family. I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. The support is good. You’re treated like a human not a number.”

Cammy Smith is the Manager of Driver Support for Specialized Transportation. She started with the company in 1983. She said, “I stay because of the Fleet and the people I work with. I have worked with some of the same drivers my whole career, they are my “work” family. I enjoy welcoming the new recruits into our Specialized family.”

Drivers who have been with Specialized Transportation say that they get the benefits of working for a small trucking company — but that they also enjoy the perks of being backed by the resources of a large carrier. Owner-operators with Specialized Transportation earn an average of $156,000 per year, and enjoy medical, dental, and vision insurance, 100% fuel surcharge and detention, zero forced dispatch, and the opportunity to transition to other divisions.

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