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New Drivewyze service alerts truckers to speed traps, rollover risks, and more


A weigh station bypass service recently added a new feature that will provide drivers with alerts when they travel into an area deemed risky for truckers, while also allowing fleets to monitor driver behavior.

While Drivewyze is best known as a service that allows drivers to bypass weigh stations, the company has expanded their services over the years to include safety alerts and parking information.

Drivewyze Safety+, which debuted October 14, is an enhanced version of the existing Drivewyze Safety Notifications. The company says that Drivewyze Safety+ comes already embedded in partner ELD systems. The system provides drivers with general safety alerts, safety alerts customized to particular fleets, and allows trucking companies to monitor how drivers react to those alerts.

Drivewyze says that they have already identified 2,500 high-risk areas that typically give truckers problems, and are adding more sites each month.

“It’s an entirely new way of thinking and managing drivers when it comes to safety. It can help prevent speeding infractions by warning a driver on an upcoming ‘high infraction zone,’ provide an alert for an upcoming high rollover corner, even help with safety alerts down mountain passes. What’s more, managers can easily create their own alerts for their own trouble zones. And, at the end of the day, Drivewyze Safety+ even lets your drivers know the number of parking spaces available at an upcoming rest area in select states,” the company explains.

One of the most interesting features of Drivewyze Safety+ is the in-cab speed warning — the company says that they’ve identified high citation areas and can alert speeding drivers to tap the brakes to avoid a ticket.

The Drivewyze Safety+ program also gives trucking companies lots of data on driver behavior. From Drivewyze: “You can drill down to see how a particular driver is reacting to the safety notifications, plus review the aggregate – seeing how your entire driver pool is complying. It can serve as a great proactive driver coaching platform, further supporting programs that are already in place.” 

Check out the video below for more.


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