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Pickup driver picks a fight with a trucker in the left lane


A trucker’s dash cam was rolling as a pickup truck driver tries to punish him with brake checks.

The video was shared by Reddit user kildar3, who explains the circumstances leading to the incident caught on camera:

For some context i was going well over the speed limit (as is the custom) but then the traffic slowed. Hit a hill. Sped up. Then traffic slowed. Traffic on 67 is either 10 over or 10 under and lane doesnt matter. I had been in the left lane for some time. I ride the shit out of the right lane on 67 since people dont know how to merge and get mad when i dont slam the brakes to let them on. This guy had dozens of opportunities to pass and vroom vroom into the traffic ahead. But he would rather do this… if any of you have time. Pray to give me patience. Because as you can see from my reluctant braking i have run out.

You can view the video below.

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