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Six times instant karma came for car drivers who messed with truckers


Sometimes people actually do get what they deserve — and we have the dash cam videos to prove it.

A car driver who cut off a trucker not only got whacked by the truck but also reportedly was ticketed for an unsafe lane change.

2. In this clip captured in Alabama, an aggressive car driver tailgates and eventually forces a truck off the road — but pays the price.

3. In this dash cam video, a Honda driver gets a little dose of instant justice after cutting off a semi truck in order to brake check a Hummer.

4. A cop is finally around when a trucker needs one to deliver a little instant karma to a car driver after a dangerous cut off maneuver.

5. Here, a trucker gets the last laugh when an Audi driver sneaks in front of his semi while he’s making a left turn.

6. And finally, a reminder to stop cutting off big trucks if you don’t want a big dose of karma!


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