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Stuck doesn’t even begin to describe this driver’s situation.


A CDLLife App member took to the app this week to share in the misfortunes of one driver’s sticky situation. 

The photo was apparently taken years ago, and some drivers say it occurred on Big Stone Road north of Fox Creek, Alberta, Canada, but the picture depicts such a gnarly situation that we couldn’t help but share in the mud-induced despair, no matter its age.

“Not good,” wrote CDLLife App member Bronks Kidd, who posted the photo. 

“Man, I need to be in the wrecker business,” commented a fellow app user. 

“Stuck don’t begin to describe that,” added another. 

“Looks like Alberta Snot at its finest,” wrote another, confirming the theory that this ‘not good’ situation occurred in western Canada. 

What’s the trickiest situation you’ve ever been in as a truck driver? Whatever it is, you probably still had a better day than this guy. Stay safe out there, drivers.


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