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Take a guess on what this driver might be hauling


Many strange sights can be seen while OTR, but earlier this week a truck driver and CDLLife App member encountered a load that left them guessing.

App member and truck driver Michelle G. was stopped at a Love’s in Quanah, Texas when they saw a flatbed hauling something strange pull up. 

“Pretty cool, but what is it??” She wrote. “Wonder if the lady hauling it is on CDLLife?”

Fellow app members then took to the comments to take their guesses as to what it might be, 

“Looks like movie props,” said one. 

“Outdoors living. Off the grid,” guessed another. 

After much speculation, Michelle G. later returned to the post with an update on the situation.

“I found out it’s a covered wagon and a bathhouse going to Jellystone in Texas,” she confirmed. 

Jellystone is a Yogi Bear themed campground and park with locations around the nation, so this sort of makes sense. 

“A lot of campgrounds put stuff like that on property,” confirmed another driver in the comments. “Makes you feel like you’re really away from the hustle of life.”

What’s the oddest thing you’ve seen being hauled across the country?


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