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Texas trucking company offers ‘Free Tires for Life’ program


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A Texas-based refrigerated carrier is making waves in the trucking industry for their commitment to honoring a promotion that some drivers said was too good to be true — until they got their free tires!

Free Tires For Life? “Why Not?” Says Texas Company

Amarillo, Texas-based trucking company Booker Transportation has quietly been supporting their owner-operators with a revolutionary “Free Tires For Life” program for more than 15 years. The program saves owner-operators a substantial chunk of change and provides them with peace of mind by making sure that they don’t have to pay for truck tires for the entire length of their lease.

Since the Free Tires For Life program was put into place by company owner Denis Cowley, the company has given away 5,870 tires — and due to an uptick in the popularity of the program, they’ve given away 800 tires in the last 12 months alone. Booker Trans says that they’ve saved owner-operators a whopping $1,819,700 in tire costs by taking advantage of the free tire program. 

Cowley said of the free tire program that, “no one took advantage of it at first because they didn’t think it was real. They would talk about it at a truck stop and drivers that never worked for Booker before would say, ‘Ah, that can’t be so, nobody is gonna give you a set of Free Tires every year.’ It took a while before people believed we were doing it…” 

“Booker Trans is excited to continue rewarding our Owner Operators for their dedication to the industry and to Booker Trans. We are pleased to offer the Free Tire Program, the cash bonus program and all the other incentives allowing Booker Owner Operators to increase their income and benefits in addition to the revenue they generate,” remarked Norman Stull, Booker’s Safety Director.

Tires Keep Booker Trucks Rolling, Booker Trucks Keep America Fed

While many drivers take notice of Booker Trans because of the free tire program, they stay because of the opportunity to do the meaningful work of keeping the country fed, especially as the pandemic puts a strain on the nation’s supply chain. Booker drivers primarily haul much-needed food, and in recent months they have worked hard to keep grocery store shelves full during the COVID-19 crisis. When the nation locked down in the early days of the pandemic, Booker drivers stepped up to keep shelves stocked. Booker has been in trucking for decades and understands how to help owner-operators survive and thrive, even in tough times. Heading into uncertain times in the months ahead, Booker is providing drivers with steady freight and American consumers with stability.

Booker Transportation is a 100% Owner Operator fleet that was founded in 1993. Booker primarily operates as a refrigerated carrier, with a dry van/short haul division in the DFW Metroplex. The company operates terminals in Amarillo, Texas, Wills Point, Texas, Linn, Texas. If you’re ready to join the Booker Transportation team (and maybe claim your own free tires!), please click here to get started!

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