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These beautiful truck drivers are changing the stereotype


Forget what you think you know about truck drivers — these beautiful women are shattering the stereotypes by driving big rigs and looking good while they do it!

When most people think of a truck driver, they thank of burly men in flannels and work boots — they probably don’t expect to see women like the truck drivers we found on Instagram.

  1. Big Rig Barbiee

According to this blonde bombshell’s profile, she’s an owner operator and has been in trucking since 2010.

2. Nicolle Lennox

Nicolle is a Europan truck driver.

3. KaZhun Jiles

KaZhun’s profile says that she’s a vegan bodybuilding truck driver. She’s defying all of the trucking stereotypes.

4. Mkgranberg93

5. Casey Brown

6. Happiness by the Mile

7. SexyMuthaTrucka

This picture was shared on the DiesleDames Instagram and we think the post sums it up the best, “When your mission is to change the immensely outdated perception of the trucking industry, how can you not be thankful to all of the REAL women out there REALLY driving these machines…”


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