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This company is defying industry standards by offering honest pay for honest work


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A family-run North Dakota-based trucking company is committed to setting the bar high by making sure their drivers are treated right and paid fairly, especially as their essential work pushes America forward during these challenging times.

Great Plain’s driver-first principals haven’t wavered, even as the trucking industry’s safety and job security have been rocked by a global pandemic and national protests.

It’s no surprise that this year has brought on a range of new worries for drivers, but Great Plains knows getting paid a fair wage shouldn’t be one of them. They are doing what they can to return the favor to truck drivers who are putting in long, hard hours out on the road to make sure our country stays on track.

“Times are uncertain. Thank you to all the truck drivers out there who are helping keep America strong and keep whatever we need on our shelves and in our homes during these times” said president of Great Plains Transportation, Mike Holland.

Great Plains Transport offers its drivers honest pay for honest work, with a salary-based pay structure. The company provides drivers a salary of $65,000 per year paid out weekly. This helps eliminate driver’s stress about how they’ll pay bills if they have a slow week or an unexpected setback. Combined with driver rewards and benefits like mileage-based bonuses of up to $1000 per month, medical, dental, and life insurance, paid vacation, and a 401k company match program, Great Plains is showing it truly cares about its employees.

Most trucking companies pay by the mile, so if drivers aren’t moving, they’re not getting paid. Drivers at Great Plains don’t have to worry about that — they’re getting paid the same, regardless of whether or not they’re waiting at a shipper or receiver or they’re putting miles under the tires. There is no worry about paying bills back home if a driver has a bad week at Great Plains!

Truck drivers work hard, and Great Plains can prove they’re doing everything they can to help drivers know they’re appreciated. They’re not laying off any drivers and have stuck to their promise of providing truckers with a stable income.

“One thing I have seen and one thing that really makes my heart feel well is that we’re Americans and this is what we do. We show up when we’re supposed to. We show up even when we don’t have too,” said Holland “So If I can do anything, I’m going to keep showing up.”

“You’ve shown up and you’ve done the work,” praised Holland.

More information about Great Plains salary pay can be found in the video below.

Founded by a truck driver, Great Plains Transport is an attractive career option for experienced drivers looking for a family-friendly atmosphere and a stable and honest work environment. If you’re interested in joining the team as either an OTR driver or an owner-operator in all 48 states, please click here to get started.

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