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Truck Driver Arrested After Posting Video Threatening to Kill Protesters


The FBI has arrested a truck driver who allegedly posted a video to YouTube threatening to kill protesters.

On Monday, FBI agents arrested Manuel Flores, a 42-year-old truck driver who lives in El Paso, Texas.

Flores was arrested on a federal charge of making a threat over the internet.

Flores allegedly posted the video under the YouTube account called “Don’t CA My TX.”

According to the federal criminal complaint, “Flores recorded and uploaded a video to YouTube entitled ‘[N*****] Lives Matter’ in which he made threatening comments to Black Lives Matter protestors.”

The complaint states that in the video, Flores’ face cannot be seen — he’s only visible from the knees down. What appears to be an AR-15 can be seen resting on his feet.

In the video, Flores said that he would be traveling on I-20 eastbound through Dallas. He allegedly “dared” Black Lives Matter supporters to “stop him.”

“Flores further stated that ‘my dream is at least take out at least 200 [N******].'” the complaint sates.

Flores remains in the custody of the U.S. Marshals Service and is awaiting transfer to El Paso.

If convicted, he faces up to five years in federal prison.

Photo credit: Jakayla Toney – Unsplash


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