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Truck Driver Hurt During Protest in California Speaks Out


A truck driver who was making deliveries to car dealerships in Oakland, California encountered a group of protesters and was attacked.

The incident occurred on May 29, 2020. Truck driver Tony Mendez was at the interception of Broadway and 27th in Oakland when he was attacked.

Mendez said that a protester threw a bottle through his passenger window, causing a large gash in his arm.

Dash camera footage of the scene shows the protesters standing in front of his truck.

Mendez said that he was losing a lot of blood from the wound on his arm. He said he showed the protesters that he was injured and they let him move.

Mendez drove to the nearest fire department and fire fighters called an ambulance.

The injury required seven stitches.

That same night, protestors jumped onto a grocery delivery truck on Interstate 880 in Oakland.

Mendez spoke with KTVU about his experience. He said that he wants protesters to know that violence has no place in protests against violence.

“Protest is fine, but hurting others and committing violence towards people who have nothing to do with police or politics just doesn’t make any sense.” Mendez told KTVU.


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