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Truck Driver Robbed At Ohio Truck Stop


A truck driver fell for the oldest trick in the book. Now she’s sharing her story so you don’t fall for it too.

Truck driver and YouTuber NaeNae was parked at an Ohio Petro when an “elderly” man approached her truck and told her she had to “come see something.”

NaeNae described the man as acting excitedly about showing her something. She said it was broad daylight and he was and old man, so she wasn’t fearful.

The two went a few trucks down. The elderly man led NaeNae to a group of men. The men told NaeNae that they were looking for people to share their money with. They told her they’d just won money at the casino and they wanted to share it, but they wanted to share it with someone who worked hard, so NaeNae needed to prove she had money.

She agreed to go to the ATM and take out $100 in cash to show them she had money. The old man followed NaeNae into the truck stop to get money out of the ATM.

After getting $100 out of the ATM, NaeNae and the men went back out to show the men her money. They questioned her money and the value of her ring. On the video, NaeNae said the man wanted to feel the weight of the ring, so she took it off and put it in his hand. She then handed over her diamond earrings.

The men then took off.

NaeNae was left standing without her money, her wedding ring and her ear rings.

She shared her story with her YouTube subscribers.

NaeNae also posted her video in a women’s group, hoping to warn them. One of the women suggested that the ATM had a skimmer on it and suggested NaeNae check her bank account. Turns out, her saga wasn’t over yet.


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