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Truck driver sentenced for strangling fellow trucker at Nebraska truck stop


A truck driver accused of attacking another truck driver at a truck stop in Nebraska earlier this year has been sentenced to probation.

Twenty-nine year old Mississippi-based truck driver Billy Dmarco Myrick has been sentenced to two years of probation in connection with an attack that occurred at a York, Nebraska, truck stop over the summer.

The incident began when a Colorado-based truck driver woke after feeling something strike his parked truck. He left the truck to investigate and encountered Myrick.

From court documents:

[The victim] explained he attempted to take photos of Myrick’s driver and truck information and noticed the photos were insufficient. At that time, Myrick had already left the area. He reinitiated contact with Myrick a few stalls down. Myrick got out of his truck while he was attempting to take additional photos. (The other driver) explained that when Myrick saw this, he came up and grabbed his phone from his hands. (The other driver) said Myrick threw the phone in the cab of his truck. (The other driver) went to retrieve his phone from the cab and explained that Myrick punched him in the face. (The other driver) explained he attempted to defend himself by Myrick continued to punch him in the face. (The other driver) then said he went to the ground and Myrick began choking him with his left hand around his neck and continued to punch him in the face. (The other driver) explained that during this, it was difficult to breathe.

The victim said that he tried to call out for help but couldn’t because his airway was restricted.

The court documents continue:

While Myrick was ‘choking’ him, he was also struck in the head by Myrick’s knee. Myrick attempted to leave the area and (the other driver) grabbed his white T-shirt, causing it to rip off of his body. Myrick was able to get into his truck and tried to drive away. (The other driver) advised he engaged Myrick’s airbrake and disconnected his trailer lights. Myrick disengaged his brakes and began to flee the scene. While Myrick was fleeing the scene, he collided with a concrete bollard connected to the south side of the lube bay … this caused damage to the trailer and the structure of the building. A witness to the collision with the building was able to follow Myrick until he got to the interstate. The trailer did not have any lights and the vehicle description was driven to dispatch.

A Nebraska State Trooper was able to locate the truck and Myrick was arrested.

Myrick pled no contest to a third degree assault charge and a theft by taking charge. A felony assault by strangulation charge was dropped.


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