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Truck driver sparks controversy after attending Zoom meeting while driving


A truck driver is under fire for allegedly attending a city council Zoom meeting while driving.

Truck driver David Brown, of Boston, U.K., attended the city council Zoom meeting on September 9.

According to LincolnshireLive, Brown said that he pulled to the side of the road to start the meeting and then just listened to the meeting while driving.

Brown argued that listening to the meeting was no different than listening to the radio while driving but many others, including the town council, disagreed, calling the situation, “disgusting” and saying that “it could have ended in tragedy.”

Video of the meeting has drawn sharp criticism on social media.

Craig Dowse4 days ago (edited), commented on the YouTube video, “I’m not sure if the most worrying thing is that a councillor thought he was above the law by being on a Skype meeting whilst driving a 40 tonne vehicle or that the rest of the people on this call didn’t challenge him on this. What other crimes would they turn a blind eye to???”

“Shows how most politicians are braindead and stupid – that nobody had the tenacity or balls to call this have-a-go out for driving while attending a Zoom meeting. Bunch of amateurs. Hope the strong arm of the law comes down on David Brown,” James Collins wrote.

“How on Earth can these people sit in on this meeting and not recognise that one supposed Councillor was driving and using a device at the same time. He was so distracted and unable to concentrate on the task in hand that he thought he was in another year 🤣,” another user posted.

“Complete disgrace These people are supposed to lead by example, why hasn’t the chair or leader stopped this outrageous dangerous behaviour?,” Mark Mark commented.

“What an absolute disgrace. We work hard to teach people to be safe and legal on the roads yet 1 idiot uses his phone for a meeting and all the other idiots pretend not to notice. How can anybody take you lot seriously? 6 points coming your way soon!,” Andrew Morse Driving Instructor commented.

Brown has resigned his position on the council but some members of the council don’t think that resignation is punishment enough.

“Merely apologising and resigning from cabinet is not enough for what the people of Boston deserve from councillor Brown.

“As I now believe that Councillor Brown has finally realized and admitted that his actions were completely irresponsible, if he is truly sorry for what he has done, then it follows that he should resign his seat as a councillor as well.


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