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Trucker Caught Trying To Smuggle Immigrants Across the Border In Bales of Hay


‪El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents discovered 13 Mexican nationals hidden inside bales of hay.

According to an El Centro Sector Border Patrol Facebook post, the driver attempted to smuggle the immigrants deep in the bales of hay.

Agents were able to extract the immigrants “without incident.”

Agents warned that many smuggling methods pose great risk for the immigrants. “it’s dark, it’s hot, you are cramped next to numerous others surrounded by heavy hay bales with no means for escape, and no safety restraints. These smuggling techniques continue to be used regardless of the danger they put people in.”

In October of last year, officials discovered 32 people inside the trailer. CBP wrote, “the individuals were also ill prepared to be in 47 degree refrigerated trailer as most were wearing short sleeve t-shirts.”

In 2017, 10 immigrants died of heat exhaustion when they were being transported in the back of a trailer from Iowa to a location in Texas.

‪El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a man attempting to smuggle 13 Mexican nationals through the Highway 86…

Posted by US Border Patrol El Centro Sector on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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