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Trucker fined $400 for parking on her own property


A Texas town has issued a hefty fine to a truck driver for parking her big rig at her home.

Truck driver Alicia Valle Esparza was recently issued a $400 fine by the City of Edinburg, Texas, for violating city code by parking her truck in a residential area, according to a report from local news outlet KRGV.

According to the City of Edinburg’s website, it is “unlawful for any person to park any truck, truck tractor, semi-trailer, bus trailer or any other motor vehicle with a gross weight of 10,000 pounds or more upon any public street, alley, parkway, boulevard or public place which abuts any property zoned as residential property according to the zoning ordinance of the City.”

Esparza said that she wasn’t aware of the ordinance and that she was disappointed with city officials for cracking down on truck drivers, particularly during the pandemic.

“When they’re not working, with COVID, they’re not working —they have to bring these things home. They don’t realize how much it’s hurting the drivers,” Esparza said.


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