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Trucker hack: best ways to deal with cleaning dirty dishes on the road


Many truck drivers choose to prepare and eat meals from inside their trucks. While this is a cheaper and healthier option than eating at truck stops, it comes with one pesky disadvantage: the mess you’re left to clean up.

Dirty dishes are a hassle to deal with, and can really seem to add up when you’re in a cramped truck. We’ve collected the best methods for you to master washing dishes while out on the road.

Drink Dispenser ‘Sink’

This genius method is like creating a ‘sink’ for your truck. All it takes is any size drink dispenser and bucket. We suggest buying a five-gallon dispenser along with a plastic tub for the easiest use.

Take the jug and put it at the edge of your truck door, set the tub on the step, and scrub away. You’ll have complete control of how much water you use each wash, and can safely store the water dispenser in your truck without the worry of spillage

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a hands-down must-have for truck drivers. They can be used for not only dishes but cleaning just about every surface of your truck. They’re relatively cheap and are an efficient way of cleaning without mixing soap and water.

Truck Stop Sink/Shower

Washing your dishes in the truck stop sink or show is the best way to really rinse out your dishes.

Make sure to bring a sponge to scrub your dishes, and wet wipes to clean up any surface you might get dirty.

If you’re using the shower for dishes, put them in a small plastic bin or container and wash them with soap while the water is running.

Spray Bottles

Fill and label two spray bottles ‘soap water’ and ‘clean water.’ Spray and dry dishes as desired and easily store the bottles back in your truck when you’re done.

Eliminate Real Dishes

Perhaps the biggest dish washing hack of all is to not use real dishes. If you really want to save the time and not worry about cleaning, use disposable containers, plates, and silverware.

We also recommend using plastic liners in your crock pot.

Beware of this method though, the money you’ll spend on plastic and paper products is going to add up quickly.


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