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Trucker’s mistake on display for all to see thanks to a perfectly-timed Google Maps car


One truck driver’s mistake will be on display indefinitely thanks to a perfectly-timed google maps car.

If you’re familiar with Google Maps Street view feature, you’ll know that there are some fascinating images to be found if you look hard enough. Google claims to update these street view images every one to three years, depending on the area. So, unfortunately for this Argentinian truck driver, a mistake he made while on the job is now one of these strange street view sights – memorialized on the internet indefinitely. 

In the street view images, a delivery truck can be seen having just made an apparently sharp right turn. 

The open-sided trailer can be seen only partially full with a pile of bottles strewn behind in its wake. 

Further inspection of the scene through Google Maps street view reveals several men milling around the pile of bottles, apparently looking to clean them up. From one angle, a dump truck loaded with some sort of dirt or gravel can even be seen parked behind the unlucky delivery truck. Maybe the driver wanted to help with the cleanup?

One thing’s for sure, this is one mistake that delivery driver may never live down. Now enjoy this still of the scene, accompanied by an iconic little tune.


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